Interview w Nicole Schaffer, Reiki practitioner & friend

This is Nicole Schaffer. She’s a very gifted Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, intuitive, and Akashic Record reader. I discovered Nicole through a quick Google search in an effort to find, connect with, and learn from any Reiki practitioners near my hometown, as I was going home for the summer and had recently received my own Reiki certification. Not surprisingly in a small, Midwest town, there weren’t too many Reiki practitioners at the time – at least none that were searchable on the Internet. Lucky for me, Nicole had agreed to meet at a local coffee shop, and we hit it off! She told me about her own journey to Reiki (shared below) and what had come from it – one of the many interesting conversation topics discussed during our time together. 

If your interest has been piqued, check out Nicole’s blog post: Learn More About Reiki. She has an inspiring story, and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience her unique and various gifts numerous times! Out of all those from whom I’ve received Reiki, none seem to compare to my experiences with Nicole – even from states away. Of course, when visiting this time around (see Going Home), I had to stop by for a visit and get a little tune-up! 

My interview with her was something else… Whenever a question would arise in my mind about something she had said, she somehow magically answered it without me even having to ask! (Literally, every single one!! That’s why I only had to ask five questions!) Maybe it’s her intuitive abilities, or maybe we’re just that in sync. 😉 She has such a fascinating perspective and incredible personality! 

You can find our interview below. After giving it a listen, check out her website to learn more, and schedule a session for yourself or someone else! The cool thing about Reiki is that it can be done at a distance (as I’ve hinted at above), and it’s certainly just as effective. Earlier this year, I was having some throat issues, as if there was a lump in my throat that I just couldn’t clear – a common thing for someone who doesn’t really express themselves as they need/should. So, I contacted Nicole for a Reiki session over Zoom. The session itself was very impactful – and revealing! As Reiki sometimes takes a little time to fully do its thing, my seemingly chronic throat issue noticeably subsided within three days.

She’s superb! Don’t believe me? Try for yourself.

{Recorded using an iPhone8} 

Brooke: How did you get into Reiki, what led you there?

– Childhood experiences
– Severe sickness
– A journey with weight loss + yoga as a solution | Healing the body
– Living within regimented boundaries and intense confliction
– Connection to Reiki started with skepticism & serendipity
– Reiki level 1 begins | Treating the self
– Levels 2 (others & animals) & 3 (Master) quickly follow suit
– A message from above: “You are not your body” | we’re more than physical beings
– Empathy + energy cleanser calls for energy maintenance
– A useful technique
– Schumann Resonance, an explanation for hectic energy?
– Life on Earth + the need to slow things down a little
– Have some compassion for oneself
– Transmuting energy for the collective | Accepting the role + awareness of abilities and possibility

B: So you’ve been training as an Intuitive and Akashic Record reader… in this, you found out – how was it named? Empath…?
N: Merger
B: Yes, do you want to go into that? That’s interesting…

– The discovery & necessary confirmations
– The explanation | A spiritual dentist of sorts
[Although ‘spiritual dentist’ was stated in the interview, Nicole later explained that her teacher first described Nicole as being a spiritual dentist but then changed her mind and said it’s more like she’s a spiritual surgeon operating on people’s souls and energy systems — very cool!]
– Diving deeper
– A glimpse of what’s to come for Nicole

|[my own experiences with this to come]|

B: How do you differentiate between your energy and another’s when you’re so used to (unconsciously) feeling other people’s?

– Using our session as an example
– Learning one’s own body/energy and how it responds 
– Something to try for yourself | Starting small with a simple yes or no
[for this to properly work, it takes a connection to the body but more specifically the heart, which many of us have become detached/distracted from for various reasons. It also takes patience and a willingness to listen. More on this to come]
– Access Consciousness technique: ‘Whose energy is this?’ ‘Return to Sender with…’
– Listen to your intuition!
– The larger connection | “one big, beautiful, meshy ball of energy” 🙂

B: Do you have any advice to share with those who might be listening?

– Keep an open mind
– Personal energetic maintenance is important!
– A useful exercise

B: You’ve felt that difference… How has your life changed because of it?

– Feelings and well-being
– Perspective | We’re more than just a physical body
– Stability through reiki and energetic hygiene

Our ending chit-chat

– Mutually beneficial relationships | Reciprocity and accountability
– A lesson from the Imposter Syndrome

I wish I kept recording after our interview – a mental note for the next one…

 Thanks, Nicole! What an honor it was to sit and talk with you! Excited for next time. 🙂

Reflections & Lessons Learned: 

  • Find someone to connect with along your journey, even if it’s just over the Internet!
  • Sometimes resistance represents something we really need to look into. 
  • Often acknowledgement itself is enough for a problem to relinquish. 
  • Trust your intuition and allow for what happens naturally.

If interested in learning about more of people’s experiences with reiki, here’s a link to one (Reiki Made Me Cry, And It Was Great) I just recently stumbled upon. Enjoy! 🙂

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